World Clean-Up Day at LLB

As part of the clean-up day campaign, the CM1-1 and CM2-2 participated in this demanding activity with a positive energy.

The students came prepared with their sports attire and cleaning accessories such as gloves and bin bags. Divided into groups and accompanied by both their class and English teachers Suraiya, Christine and Anais, volunteer parents and two policemen, they started the cleaning up in Rue Gustave Bestel.

During this exercise, they picked up rubbish and unwanted items which they found on the streets around the school.

After the clean-up activity, they discussed the importance of a clean and healthy environment and ways in which we, as a school community can help make a difference.

By following the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and taking action to clean up our environment, we are helping to create a substainable future.

It was a successful day for all the participants.

Here are some pictures and comments by the students on this clean-up day.


TEXTE : Suraiya LALLMAHAMOOD, enseignante d’anglais

PHOTOS : Suraiya LALLMAHAMOOD, enseignante d’anglais, Christine STEPHAN, enseignante de CM1 – 1 et Finlay DAVID, Vie Scolaire.

VIDEO et MONTAGE : Christine STEPHAN, enseignante de CM1 – 1

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