Field trip to the biscuit factory and the National History Museum in Mahebourg


Our class went on a field trip on the 18 April 2019.  Once we reached school on that day, we were in a hurry to leave and enjoy our day in the south of the island. At half past eight, we got into the bus and left for our destination.

Once in the bus, some of us sang songs while others were chatting and eating light snacks.  We first went to the Biscuit factory commonly known as ‘Biscuiterie H. Rault’, in Mahebourg. We learnt that the biscuits are made from Cassava (Manioc) and that they are gluten free.  This simple and short tour allowed us to see how the cassava roots are turned into biscuits, with basic hand-made skills.  It was really interesting to see the whole process of making these special local biscuits which are delicious.

Our next stop was the National History Museum. Once there, we had to do an activity set by our English and French teachers. We had to answer several questions about the Battle of Vieux Grand Port and Slavery in Mauritius. This was a follow- up of what we did in our English class and it helped us to better understand what we were taught because we could see pictures, objects and writings from that period.

Before returning to school, we were delighted that our teachers took us to Blue Bay public beach for lunch.  And what a surprise we had there when we were offered Easter eggs after lunch.

We were all very sad that this marvellous day was almost over.  On the way back to school, we talked about our day and ate biscuits bought at the factory.

We are looking forward to other such outings.

CM2-3 and the teachers, H Burton and S Khoodoo.

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