The interclasses of games took place at primary school on the 21st for the CM1, 22nd for the CE2, 24th for the CE1 and 25th for the CM2.

This week was indeed a very good week filled with excitement. This is definitely one of the peak events i had to organize since i started at Lycee Labourdonnais.

For the first time, I had the opportunity to see, not only the children’s’ smile, but their enthusiasm, their desire to win on their faces and also the relationship they share with friends and teammates.

They showed good teamwork and knew how to encourage and support each other.

During these interclasses, we had different games for each classes. Some activities were more physical than others, and some required more intelligence and strategy, all was real fun!

At the end, everybody put their minds in the games and we ended up getting a winner for each level! We had some crying with joy and others with sadness for not winning. However we reminded them that the most important thing was to participate and have fun with friends.

If today you are not first, you will on another day.

Finally i would like to thank the parents for always being there to help us during these events and I hope to see more of you during these sports events in a near future.

Below are the results for each level:

GS2 1st – 112 pts / GS3 2nd – 107 pts/ GS1 3rd – 93 pts / GS4 4th – 81 pts

CP4 1st – 120 pts/ CP1 2nd – 107 pts/ CP3 3rd – 106 pts/ CP2 4th – 98 pts

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CE1-2 1st – 141 pts/ CE1-1 2nd – 116 pts/ CE1-4 3rd – 104 pts/ CE1-3 4th – 90 pts

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CE2-1 1st – 121 pts/ CE2-3 2nd – 104 pts/ CE2-4 3rd – 101 pts/ CE2-2 4th – 66 pts

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CM1-2 1st – 148 pts/ CM1-3 2nd – 146 pts/ CM1-5 3rd – 125 pts/ CM1-1 4th – 85 pts/ CM1-4 5th – 81 pts

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CM2-5 1st – 150 pts/ CM2-2 2nd – 134 pts/ CM2-4 3rd – 124 pts/ CM2-1 4th 119 pts/ CM2-3 5th – 85 pts

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