1st Semester Flashback with GS2 and GS3

From our first day in GS class, we’ve enjoyed learning English, through songs, storytelling, interactive games, first hand experiences such as gardening and water play!!

Besides, we also learned about other cultures. Our friend’s mum who comes from the United States,  told us how she celebrated Thanksgiving with her family. Although there was no roasted turkey, we’ve had the opportunity to taste pumkin jam.

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is America’s most beloved annual holiday and takes place on the fourth Thursday of November.

The origins of Thanksgiving date back to 1621 when a group of English pilgrims in present-day Massachusetts shared a feast with a tribe of Native Americans to celebrate a plentiful harvest.

Other learning experiences…

We resumed our learning experiences with germination, therefore we thought that making a scarecrow was a good way to protect our plants in the GS garden.

We even brought some recycled materials to make our scarecrow.




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